Wonderful Colors, Spectacular Venue in Houston

Let's Get Dressed! 

Ahhh... " The Dress"

"The Bride

Has Arrived!"

Two Arches created the walkway for our bride

Fresh greenery and sparkle lights

with a double drapping of white chiffon. 

Perfect for a Fairytale Wedding!

After the ceremony

Both arches were repositioned

To allow dancing

And framing the cake table

Beautiful white sheering

Covers the entire stage.

Two lavish altar arrangements

Set the colors of the wedding


Such a romantic setting for a wedding ceremony!


Father gives her away!

Bouquet of roses and antheriums

Stems rhinestone wrapped!


Spectacular Colors

The ceremony is finished!    The Bride and Groom are Happy!   Let the party begin!!!!

The arches were set up

to highlight the cake

after the ceremony.

Let the tasting begin! 

First the Happy Couple

M m m m m ...Good

 Everyone wants a taste!

A good time was had by all!

Good times just keep happening!

Girls....   Girls...   Girls...