Bridal Hair Styles - You can even send us one of your own images to add to our collection!

This bride had black and crystal rhinestones 

in her hair to match her bouquet.

Wispy Tendrils in the front soften her face.


Here's the close up view of her tresses!










     When you start thinking about your veil, or flowers you want  

                   to wear in your hair , there are several  things                    

   you need to take into consideration. 

Make your decision on what looks best on you,

not what looks best on a model in a magazine. 

You will have  to wear it all night long through the ceremony,

the receptionand the dance. 

Here are a few things to remember about fresh roses in your hair.

     Fresh roses are fragile, so have your florist or hairstylist 

         wire the roses so they do not come apart while you are pinning 

        them to your hair. 

     If you choose the smaller spray roses,

they are lighter and may  be attached to a comb or bobby pin. 

Always remembering not to handle the rose itself. 

     If you choose standard size roses also wire the roses individually.

  Standard roses are much heavier than spray roses

and will need more secure means to stay put. 

Teased areas of your hair fixed with crossed bobby pins

will help secure the placement of each rose or comb.

    If you are using stephanotis ( smells like 'Jasmine' )

the base of this flower is about an inch long, so

design your "look" to accommodate that aspect of this flower. 

Your florist also has a stephanotis holder that actually has a filter of water

inside the  fewer with a wire stem  attached . 

These are good for attaching the flowers to your hair. 

     Some Brides have found it necessary to

take the veil off during the reception if the

fresh flowers make it too heavy for comfort. 

So give yoursef the option of being able to deceide this at the last minute. 

The last thing you need during your wedding

is a headache because of your headpiece. 

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