One Bride........Three Bouquets

   " Elizabeth & Josh"


        Elizabeth had two portrait Bridal Bouquets. 

   One modern and wispy with lilites and bear grass. 

   Touches of lavender picked from "my own yard".

   This one is light and free.

        When you see the second Bridal Bouquet below

   you'll see the difference between light and free

   vs  more formal and extravagant .         scroll down  


 "Elegant & Formal "

       The second bouquet was perfect as she stood by the lake.  

              Later she was high on a hill at the Country Club.    

           Perfect for a Cathedral Wedding.         

    Long veils and even longer trains. 

     Be sure you can handle these larger bouquets,

       they can be very heavy as the night goes on.

                                            scroll down

         Tips for the Day!

Keep your flowers low, to show off your waist

Let me show you how to lower your hand  and

relax as your arem grows fatigued.  

There are ways to rest and still be 

Camera Ready!

                                                                                       scroll down

    The Wedding Day

    ......The  Third  Bouquet......

      Wedding Party and    

 "Little People"

The Cake

It  all comes togeether here! 

The Bride,

The Dress,

The Bouquet

   and the Cake!   

   Moments to be remembered.....



Some of the best times

Of your wedding will be

"The Morning Of"

After you've had your hair done,

Arrived at the church

And finally put your dress on! 

On goes "The Veil".

And here comes the florist,

That final "put together vision" you see,

You're "All Ready"


Bridal Party is Standing By...

You've Got "Flower Girls"!             And "Little Girls"!            All In A Row!

Little people add charm to your wedding!  

  It's the unexpected antics of a small child that create the fun element.

"The Moment Has Come                " The Stage Is Set""

Dad Helps With "Last Minute Fixes"           " Waiting." . . . . . . .        "Waiting".........

The Cake is Beautiful  -  Time To Eat........

"And They Lived Happily Ever After"